The official website of Julian Richards, archaeologist, broadcaster and writer
Hello, Julian Richards here – still an archaeologist, occasionally a writer and, as I’ve got a new series on TV at the moment, apparently a broadcaster as well.

Welcome to my revised website – revised partly because it needed it and partly because the old one disappeared courtesy of some inefficient Australians. You may have noticed that looking for me on Google directed you to something Japanese.

Anyway, back and in control now so I can let you know what’s going on in my world.

The first big change is that I am back on TV again with a new series on BBC 4 called ‘Stories From the Dark Earth: Meet the Ancestors Revisited’ – and no, I didn’t chose the first part of the title (I spend a lot of my time digging on chalk and that’s not dark). There are more details in the TV and Radio section.  

Inevitably I’m still fascinated by Stonehenge. I’ve just finished writing the new guide book (see Books), will soon finish revising ‘Stonehenge - the story so far’ and am enjoying working with the team preparing the displays for the New Stonehenge visitor centre. I am still giving lots of talks to groups around the country (take a look at the Diary) but am having a break this summer from doing tours for specialist tour operators (more time to go and watch historic motor racing!).

Beyond Stonehenge (remember the book?) I have been heavily involved in education projects. In ‘What’s Under Your School?’ I have helped to deliver history and archaeology projects to 38 schools in Dorset and Wiltshire while the ‘Layers of Larkhill’ project has worked with military and civilian communities to explore the long and fascinating history of Larkhill Camp. More details in the Education and Outreach section that will be posted shortly. happening.

Services is the blatantly commercial part of this site – basically I’m touting for business so take a look and see what I can do to liven up your archaeology.

Despite what some people think there is life beyond archaeology and some of my other interests include art and old fast cars (Cars section will be coming soon).

And finally – although I still haven’t quite resigned myself to the idea of being a bird I was persuaded to ‘tweet’ at intervals and while I haven’t descended to the level of ‘just had a nice cup of coffee’ (and never will) I do occasionally post the odd thought or rant which can be found on the link to my Twitter Feed. I refuse to do Facebook........

I hope that you enjoy the site and perhaps I’ll meet up with some of you this year.

Best wishes from